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Newsies! ~ Director's Message

A Story About High Hopes!

 Let me just say, Disney knows how to orchestrate an amazing show!  This catchy music will be in your head long after you see the show!  That is the true beauty of a Disney masterpiece. This is a wonderful adaptation of the real-life happenings of some young newspaper boys, and their struggles to survive, and from those events so long ago comes this adaptation of NEWSIES.  Most notably for me, a bright light is focused on the child labour conditions and the desperate need for change.   On a hot, muggy, New York summer night in July 1899, with the symbolic act of overturning a distribution wagon, thousands of corner newsboys went on strike against the two largest newspapers in the country: Joseph Pulitzer’s “The World” and William Randolph Hearst’s “The Journal”. Lasting about two weeks, mobs of these kids filled the streets of Manhattan and prevented circulation of the papers, all to confront the unfair price increase of the papers to the Newsies.  The inner story surrounds one of the Newsies who has a dream of seeing a better life, without ever knowing that place, he envisions it to help him just get by.  Most Newsies were orphans, runaways, or homeless, or were children from poor immigrant families who sold papers every day to scrape together meager earnings for survival. They lived hard, often violent lives and were far from the fun, spirited, and ambitious entrepreneurs often depicted. Nevertheless, this gathering of New Yorks’ poorest, scrappiest residents took on two of New York’s most famous wealthy moguls and won!   It has been my pleasure and a joy to navigate the tale of these “Newsies” with all of these enthusiastic, talented, earnest, cast and crew, and see this amazing musical come alive.  Newsies is an incredibly demanding show that requires a tremendous amount of hard work. It requires hearing those tough words “Let’s do that one more time!” quite a bit, followed by a lot of sweat and sheer determination to master each new dance.  I can’t wait for audiences to pour into the theatre and experience these performers as they dance, sing, and act their way into your hearts.  So, please join us Medicine Hat and take yourself on a journey of incredible music and dance and let us take you back to 1899 with the real Kings of New York! Seize The Day!  Elaine Jeffery 

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